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About us

Dorostova unie (Junior Union) has been helping leaders work with children in kids clubs since 1999. It focuses on creating materials, courses and conferences. Dorostova unie provides leaders with organizational and legal support, it also educates leaders and helps them grow. The main partner of Dorostova unie is Církev bratrská, the biggest free evangelical church in the Czech Republic. Our services are also used by other denominations and organizations.

Our mission

Dorostova unie aims to support the leaders of the children’s club in year-round work with the children in order to fulfill the biblical mission of love for oneself, others and God.

We serve God through his Church

The Free Evangelical Church has been a state-registered church since 1882. For further details see on the official website of the church here.

The Free Evangelical Church cares about working with children in its local churches. Therefore, it created a junior department to spiritually protect the work of Dorostova unie, z. s. The director of the Dorostova unie is also a church-wide youth worker.

What we do

  • Discipleship
    All activities are part of the educational system.
  • Ministry Resources
    Youth group lessons, games, videos, books help leaders to prepare their meetings.
  • General Support
    Administrative and legal support helps leaders to run clubs better.

What they said about us

The strategic program to develop leadership skills in the younger generation, lays a very important foundation for the church to benefit from. The seeds planted and the positive results will be felt for many years to come.

Hank PaulsonFounder and President 4D Ministries

This is an age group that is neglected by many, yet it is one of the most fruitful places to reach young people with the gospel and put them on a lifelong path of fruitful discipleship. This leaders school is well designed, purposeful, and will bring multiplied fruit as young leaders are equipped to reach the next generation.

Dave PattyDirector and President of Josiah Venture

Courses and Conferences

We organize a multi-genre conference for hundreds of children, a competition in biblical knowledge, an educational conference for leaders and parents. We also organize experiential and motivational courses for young leaders.

Ministry Resources

We teach young leaders to play games by playing games with them. We collect and share quality youth group lessons, videos, games and books with leaders across our country.

General support

We provide insurance for children and leaders. We process club accounting. We run a hotline with a lawyer in case of an accident. We connect clubs and leaders in the region. We have friendly relations with leaders in Slovakia and Ukraine.

They said about us

I really realized who I was and, most importantly, I became close to God.

training participantyoung leader

Now that we are at home in quarantine and do not have the opportunity to meet and read from the Bible together, it was quite difficult for me to get up, open the Bible and read. The Bible path (the race) forced me to prepare and read the individual chapters.

racerBible Path 2020

Support and partnership

Ing. Daniel Jokl
+420 724 841 722

As a faith based mission, our team members rely on individuals and churches whom God prompts to give toward their support.

If you would like to partner with the Dorostova unie team in one of our projects, or give to one of our staff members, this can be done with contacting the Director of the Dorostova unie.

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